Gospel Light Ministries

Gospel Light Ministries International is an agency whose mandate is to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations in a holistic approach.
The ministry was started by Apostle Dr. David Juma, an apostle, and his wife Asunta Juma with a church base in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1998, a group of young people and couples came together as the first partners in the ministry. Dr. David draws a wealth of experience over 26 years in active trans-local evangelistic, teaching and pastoral ministry in Kenya.

Dr. David is the President of Gospel Light Ministries International and Gospel Light College and also the senior Minister of Life Church International. He is married to Asunta Juma and both live in Nairobi, Kenya and have two girls, Sheila 12 years and Shirley 10 years old.

The Mission Statement
Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, training the church to effectively evangelize, acting in love to the needy and providing resourceful Christian materials and facilities.
The Vision
This is based on the Word of God found in Matthew 4: 16, “The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up”. We are called to shed that gospel light to the people in lost in sin, bound in bondages of sickness, disease and poverty.

We are also raising a people who are radical enough that do not fear and motivated by the scripture in 2 Timothy 1: 7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. Our goal therefore is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, empower the local church to effectively evangelize and demonstrate the gospel to the nations and act in love to the needy and poverty stricken people.

  • To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost
  • To disciple new converts in partnership with the local church
  • To train the church for effective evangelism
  • To improve the standards of living of the disadvantaged members of the society through acts of love
  • To publish and avail Christian resourceful materials to enlighten the body of Christ
  • To provide a Prayer Retreat and Training Center to facilitate world evangelism and train Christian leaders and workers

Uniqueness: GLM is unique in its thrust in raising a Jesus generation among the youth particularly. We reach them right from their schools, colleges and universities and transitioning them to maturity through our local church that emphasizes discipling radical converts.

Ministry's Philosophy: We develop and value relationships and partnerships with believers, local churches and Christian organizations because we know that no single ministry can meet the needs of the body of Christ.
Ministry's operations and Leadership: We adopt a team spirit in operations by way of identifying tasks and assigning them to talented, gifted, qualified, committed and accountable persons who have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This helps promote peoples gifts and calling in God.

Church Planting
We believe that church planting is one of the most effective strategies for world evangelism and missions. In this respect we have a growing and thriving local church in the city center, called LIFE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL. This acts as our base and for many ministers in the field. We provide pastoral care for the whole family.


Events & Itinerary


Apostle David Juma's 2016 Itinerary more...

Services Info at The Apostolic House

Sunday Service:

Now at Kenya Cinema Theatre New look hall . 7:00am-9:00am , 10am-12:30pm Main Worship Service

School of Ministry:

 5:30pm-7:30 pm Every Wednesday.

Tuesday Prayers: 5:30pm-7:30pm Every Tuesday

Morning devotions: 6.00am-7.45 am Daily.

Lunch hour meetings: 12.30pm-1.45pm Daily at The Apostolic House