Welcome to Life Church International site and interact with us through this platform. What a privilege it is! Herein are dimensions of who we are, and what burns within us in as far as the gospel of the kingdom is concerned and our mandate as an apostolic and prophetic ministry. We value your time as you visit these pages. We believe we are called to become an effective apostolic people impacting the communities around us and nations of the world. For us to do that we are focused on providing a platform for sons of God to manifest, families to grow in fellowship, reach out to those who do not know God, disciple them into maturity and equip them to do the work of the ministry and freely dispatch them to their world to also present Christ, the King. All our operations are geared to four dimensions that we summarize as, EVANGELIZING, DISCIPLING, EQUIPPING AND COMMISSIONING. Welcome to our live services and encounter the Lord Jesus

Apostle David Juma